Turtle Medicine

Hello everyone,

I am writing to share the inspiration of a possible ‘medicine’ story that can be ongoing with your child/children.

As you know our medicine garden is in the shape of a Turtle, and, again this year, our fall performance will include the Iroquois legend: ‘How the Earth got on Turtle’s Back’. We have spoken a lot about Turtle Medicine and acknowledge that Turtle has many gifts to awaken within us.

The way I speak about ‘Animal Medicine’ is to acknowledge that animals are not giving us something we do not have, but they are calling upon us to awaken powers or strengths that we have access to within ourselves – powers or strengths that we might need at this time in our lives. 

Like turtle, we have the ability to be the bridge that unites heaven and earth. We have deep within us an ancient wisdom that we can access if we slow down, be still and listen. We can go within and find ‘home’ wherever we are and we can cultivate means of protection that are always with us. 

It is this ‘means of protection’  that I am interested in pursuing in this letter. Many of the children in this program are highly sensitive and easily activated by outside stimulus. Already you have read my cautions about the media and over-stimulation, including over-processed foods, refined sugars, video games, television and movies, etc.   

The question we must live with daily in our prayers and meditations is: ‘How can we serve our children?’  Turtle medicine is a gift for us as well:  if we are still and listening, the best answer for the moment will arise.  All we have to do is be still and listen.

What came to me not long ago was the inspiration to offer a pedagogical story to help your child/children cultivate an imagination for self protection from over-stimulation and assault upon their senses and emotional bodies.

The ‘medicine’ might be in the form of an ongoing story, just before sleep, that your child can carry into his/her dream life where the soul can help integrate the wisdom. As well, you can carry the story into your sleep and ask your soul and higher self to connect with your child’s higher self and soul to help guide you in this journey.

Your story can begin in the forest (a wise teaching that helps us remember that Mother Nature is always available to help and heal us) — A young child travels deep into the forest and comes upon a hut, the home of a very wise, old woman (our deepest wisdom).  She recognizes that this is a very special child and invites him/her into her hut. Thereupon begins a very special relationship of initiation. The old woman can acknowledge the gifts that she perceives in the child including a very special light that shines from his/her heart. This light contains great wisdom and is easily accessible if the child will learn the training of a light warrior** which includes sitting in stillness and listening deep within.  Depending upon your child, decide what the old woman will teach the child and, at the end of their time together,  include the gifting of a very special cloak or whatever you are inspired to say that gives the child protection from danger. 

The ‘cloak’ can be given in a pouch that magically grows as it is taken out; it can be ‘activated’ by a special mantra or word/words, whatever feels right for your child.

Then begin a series of journeys that can extend over a long period of time in which the child has many adventures where the cloak is invoked and used to help navigate ‘danger.’ The forest can open to towns, cities, violence, etc. that require the cloak. It can also open to loving villages where the child’s gifts are recognized and given generously. Going back and forth between places where it is not necessary to activate the cloak and places where it is essential to the child’s survival to activate the cloak will begin the cultivation of discerning awareness ~ a knowing of when it is appropriate to pull back, withdraw, be quiet, seek protection or open and give his/her deepest and most precious gift/gifts.  

You might want to refer to the book Animal Speak by Ted Andrews for some ideas to get you going on working with animal totems/medicine. However do not let outside sources limit your own trusting and wisdom as to what an animal’s medicine might be.  As a light warrior** you too can access the deepest wisdom for your child.

**If you are wondering what I mean by ‘light warrior’ and want me to explain, please let me know.   If you don’t resonate with the terminology, change it to what you feel is appropriate for you and your child ~ what for you symbolizes a calling to what is true, noble, and good that serves the highest unfolding of all things.

May these thoughts serve you and your family.

Warmly, sage