Letters from Apprentices

Meagan Chandler“Sage is a master weaver of stories, relationships, and life. Her outrageous creativity and deep wisdom make every day with her a precious adventure full of the kind of lessons that last a lifetime. In collaborating with and apprenticing to her, I have grown much more confident in the gifts I have to give, understanding more deeply what I can offer to the future generations, and to this beautiful world all around us. Sage’s work is in service not only to the children and her community, but also to the many other species and mysteries this world has to offer. She helps tease the deep threads of meaning out of the day to day, and bring life alive with learning.” —Meagan Chandler



Emily Kallio“Sage Hamilton’s programs are truly magical in terms of creating meaningful spaces for children to grow and thrive. Staff members work together to foster deep community among the children, and to bring Spirit into each moment. During my time with the program, I appreciated the ongoing dialogues that we had as a staff about interpersonal relationships and how we could continually serve each child’s growth. Our own growth, of course, interrelated with this so these discussions also served as opportunities to evolve and deepen in our life journeys (as well as growing in relationship with one another). Always, emphasis was placed on meaningful, engaging learning, and community building. Sage has a passion for seeing and bringing to light the gifts of each staff member, as well as fostering deep community. The program is a magical place to be!” —Emily Kallio



Amy Oien“I have been with Sage since the beginning of her journey working with homeschoolers. I began as a mother of a 6 year old entering the program, and transitioned into working with her. My daughter, now 15 has since outgrown the program and I have had the blessed opportunity of continuing to work with the children. Sage has a gift for recognizing and bringing out other’s strengths. I feel I came into this work with some negative stories about myself that Sage gently acknowledged, but didn’t hold on to. Instead she held a greater picture, focusing on my talents and strengths, allowing me to let go of old stories that were preventing me from living into my higher self. I see her doing this time and time again with both the adults and the children she works with. Giving and expecting full transparency, Sage lives with full integrity. She is devoted to her work of bringing out the highest in the children and their families.” —Amy Oien



Rachel Weitz“Working with Sage is like stepping into the magical realms of being a child, filled with inspiration, imagination and wisdom. I experienced a lot of personal and professional growth during the rewarding two years that I worked with Sage. As her apprentice, she helped me look deep within myself at my purpose and callings in life, while she kindled and nurtured these gifts. I emerged from my experience more deeply aligned with my life’s work, and with more confidence to move forward. In witnessing her work, it is clear that she is not only working from her vast life experience but she is also being guided by something much deeper and intelligent. The children come alive and are inspired with her stories and teachings. The complexity and consideration with which she navigates the inner and outer landscapes is brilliant. As many people who are touched by Sage’s magic and wisdom are, I am changed and forever grateful.” —Rachel Weitz



Joy Kemna“Little did I know as I looked for homeschooling enrichment for my daughter that I had, in fact, stumbled onto an answer to a prayer that my divine path be illuminated. During my four-year apprenticeship with Sage, I deepened my connection with my gifts and experienced countless high teachings about how to share these gifts in a way that served the children, their families, our community and beloved Mother Earth. Sage is a master teacher who brings so much passion, inspiration and wisdom to her students whether it is through story-telling, creative expression or collaborative process. As Sage’s apprentice I received weekly mentorship to cultivate skills as a teacher and in this way was able to bring my love of botanical medicine, practical arts and environmental stewardship to the students in a rich and enlivened way. I learned so much as I co-created festivals that strengthened our community as well as our connection to the cycles of time.  She taught me the most wonderful songs that make my heart sing as I continue to share them with others. Sage also encouraged me to take risks and jump as high as I was able (like our dear friend Jumping Mouse!). I witnessed Sage as she honored the Spirit that Moves in All Things and worked in service to the greater good. Those years empowered and inspired me to give all of my gifts in that same spirit of service. From the practical skills of lesson planning, story-telling and art integration to the interpersonal skills of conflict resolution and ‘right relationship’ to esoteric skills of following my intuition and working inwardly with any challenges that arose, I cannot possibly express in words the impact of Sage’s teachings in my life and the life of my family without using the word destiny. My time working with Sage was catalytic, like a slingshot launching me further on my path.” —In gratitude, Joy Kemna