Adult Apprenticeship with Children

Adult Apprenticeship with ChildrenAll of life wants to help us know ourselves if we just listen and pay attention.  I ask that my apprentices see their work here as part of their personal growth and spiritual path.  Often the growing edge is around setting good, clear, non reactive boundaries.   If you can’t state clearly whatever the boundaries are in a non-reactive way then something is off with you.  The key word here is reactive vs. response.   For, it can be a strong assertive response that is called for, but it won’t include inner commotion – being upset, ‘carrying’ it around and ‘chewing’ on it over and over.  Children have no problem with the setting of appropriate boundaries that are free of emotional triggers.  In fact, they ask for and need boundaries!

Strong reactions suggest inner business that needs attention.  Once the reaction is faced, one can assert boundaries with clear appropriate energy.

I love it when an apprentice is ‘activated’ by a child.  How wonderful that now there is another way to know yourself.  “Look”, I say, “Here is your new guru helping you to grow.”  Suddenly the ‘problem’ child can be seen as a gift!    It is surprising how quickly the issue with the child is resolved into right relationship once the inner work is done.  These are the kinds of things we speak about in our weekly staff meetings.