Performance Blocks

Participation in these blocks is a fun way to get a taste of our full time program to see if it’s a match for you.

Performance Block offerings are for children ages 5 – 12 who are not part of our year long homeschool Programs.

Each major festival: Fall, Solstice and Spring, children come anywhere from 5 to 9 weeks, and join with our year-long program children in our Performance activities which include:

  • Story
  • Choreography: movement, singing, recitation
  • Arts and Crafts related to story: mask making, costumes, set design

The Performance Story Material is always the highest and most inspiring of pieces for the children as well as the adults. Read what I have to say about High Teachings.

Learn more about our Spring 2017 offering, Hiawatha.


1. Link to Festivals and Performances
2. Read more about High Teachings
3. Watch Sage’s YouTube Video, Sage tells Rumplestiltskin
4. A peek at two of our many performances
5. Summer Performance Camp 2013 Video Clip
6. Performances Since 2005
7. Download the Registration Packet (PDF)
8. View the Tuition Contract
9. Testimonials from Parents

TAKE A PEEK at two of our past performances, Siddhartha:

SOLSTICE 2015 PERFORMANCE BLOCK, CONFERENCE OF THE BIRDShomeschool program boulder sage hamilton