Girls Group

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Girls Group is a place for girls to begin exploring the mysteries of what is means to be a woman. It’s a place for girls to find belonging in a peer group that is held with respect and tenderness. It is an oasis for children dancing between childhood and adolescence.

We all go through the transition from childhood to adolescence only once. It is a potent time when the intellect in the growing child is emerging and they are suddenly able to ask questions with an entirely new depth of curiosity and capacity for understanding. It is also a time where insecurity, doubt, and anger easily come into play and can either be channeled in ways that fuel introspection and connection, or disempowerment and isolation. This fork in the road is a pivotal threshold that gave birth to Girls Group and inherently asks for mentorship, exploration, and an incredible amount of compassion and listening.

At Sage Programs we work with the girls in a holistic approach that bridges Waldorf pedagogy, archetypes of the feminine, myth, mindfulness, nature, and the arts. Using these modalities we seek to support the girls in gaining basic tools that they will need to navigate their journey through adolescence and onwards. These tools include (and are not limited to): learning how to listen to their bodies, the art of council, ceremony and ritual, strengthening their emotional intelligence, nonviolent communication, confidence building, self expression, and the courage to find their place in the world and claim it!

Girls Group is meaningfully designed as an ongoing, weekly-group so that we can build upon each week and opportunity. Most Girls Groups run a minimum of 3 years, and are individually designed as we go to meet the unique and changing needs of the present group of girls and parents. We hold a parent meeting every block, and each year there are possible outings, camping trips, hikes, and parent involved ceremonies….

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Girls Group is lovingly held by Johannah Reimer 

Johannah is a Waldorf certified teacher, ceremonialist, teen mentor, and artist of many trades. Johannah has been working with children of all ages for over 15 years and holds a particular passion for tweens/teens and meeting their developmental needs for mentorship and initiation. An apprentice of Sage Hamilton and Melissa Michaels of SOMA Source, she has worked for many years as a Waldorf teacher under the guidance of Sage, and as a leader for international youth in movement based rites of passage with Golden Bridge.

    “The descent [into the mysteries of nature and the human soul] that adolescents must undergo is what scares most people about teenagers (including teenagers themselves)…A deeper understanding of adolescence is where our hope lies.”
– Bill Plotkin Nature and the Human Soul