Festivals and Performances

See, also, a list of Performances We’ve Done Since 2005

After 12 years in this work, we have created a wide and varied curriculum serving Home School Families and their children ranging in ages from 5 – 14.

All who participate in our Program Offerings participate in our Seasonal Festivals and Performances together.

We offer 3 major Seasonal Festivals: Fall, Solstice, Spring
(each major Festival includes a Performance)

In-house festivals are specific to each age group and parents are welcome to join their children in these gatherings:

Birthdays, Day of Dead, Blessing of Animals, Candlemas, Valentines, May Day, Equinoxes…… Link to Calendars

Each of our Program groups participate in our Festivals and Performances in a way that is appropriate to their age and developmental skills.

Ways parents can participate in our festivals and our performances:

  • Singing in the chorus for our Performances
  • Acting in our Performances
  • Helping with choreography, costumes, set and mask making
  • Co-creation of the Seasonal Festival activities

It is so exciting for everyone when we all come together in these creative endeavors.


1. Summer Performance Camp 2013 Video Clip
2. The Power of Healing ~ Sacred Theater
3. Performances Since 2005

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