Festivals and Performances

See, also, a list of Performances We’ve Done Since 2005

After 12 years in this work, we have created a wide and varied curriculum serving Home School Families and their children ranging in ages from 5 – 14.

All who participate in our Program Offerings participate in our Seasonal Festivals and Performances together.

We offer 3 major Seasonal Festivals: Fall, Solstice, Spring
(each major Festival includes a Performance)

In-house festivals are specific to each age group and parents are welcome to join their children in these gatherings:

Birthdays, Day of Dead, Blessing of Animals, Candlemas, Valentines, May Day, Equinoxes…… Link to Calendars

Each of our Program groups participate in our Festivals and Performances in a way that is appropriate to their age and developmental skills.

Ways parents can participate in our festivals and our performances:

  • Singing in the chorus for our Performances
  • Acting in our Performances
  • Helping with choreography, costumes, set and mask making
  • Co-creation of the Seasonal Festival activities

It is so exciting for everyone when we all come together in these creative endeavors.


1. A peek at two of our many performances
2. Summer Performance Camp 2013 Video Clip
3. The Power of Healing ~ Sacred Theater4. Performances Since 2005

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