Over the years, our families have evolved into a very lovely and dynamic community. They bring a willingness to be transparent and authentic to our meetings and community events. Because of this, we are able to speak about the children and their needs very frankly. As a result, we are all able to discern amazing growth in the children’s social development and skills which strengthens the weave of connection in our community.

Child Studies

Child studies are some of the more amazing things I have been honored to be a part of in my work with children, their families, and the community. If a child’s behavior is creating unrest in the social community – and usually this means the parents are talking about it, too – then I ask the parents of that child to participate in a child study. As well, once the behavior has been identified and all concerned have agreed to the study, there are a few steps… Read more


Parents are invited to meet with me about homeschool curriculum questions, concerns, etc. Usually this happens in the afternoon of a program day when children are with our Practical Activities Teacher.

Letters to Parents

Sometimes, something so amazing happens that it inspires a letter to the parents. Over the years, here are a few that have survived… Click to read Letters to Parents

High Teachings

Sage Hamiolton, Boulder COEach year I offer several high teachings to the adults in our Sage Programs community. These are evening lectures and we welcome other adults, as well. I offer at least three formal high teachings a year. The content is current with the on-going Sage Programs Story Curriculum and offers us all opportunities to do our inner growth and spiritual work through the reflection of amazing and rich stories, myths, and legends from different cultures around the world.

Always the voice of spirit shines
through these works, which we are able to touch
with our imaginations and creativity

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