Parent Handout


Program begins at 9 a.m. and ends at 2 p.m.  Because we value the community, we do not like to begin until all the children are here.  

Please come on time and, at the end of the day, leave in a timely way since there are many other scheduled activities after Program.


You will be receiving a directory of all the Program Families contact information and children’s names and birthdays. 


If your child is ill, please contact us before 9 a.m. 

Please have one day that is fever free before returning to Program.

If your child has been exposed to CHICKEN POX, he/she must stay away from the program until they are over the incubation period and/or  the chicken pox.   Other issues regarding communicable illness can be discussed on sage-families google group.  This last year the families spoke on the site at length about immunization.  

There is an Anthroposophical (Steiner stream) Doctor in our area: 

Dr. Adam Blanning.  Anthroposophical doctor means that, besides the regular MD wisdom he brings to his clients, he also is working with the spiritual development of the child.  He is an amazing man. You might want to check him out.  He is very involved in the Waldorf Stream.  


Our striving is to have media free children at Sage Programs.  We realize how challenging this can be and that it will not be held rigidly, however,  please be respectful of this wavy  boundary realizing that, even though it can be very challenging for you as parents, it really makes a difference in how your children grow emotionally, imaginatively, physically, creatively and socially.  


Upland has become a very busy street.  Please be watchful of our children.

Please park facing the property’s fence or along parkside. 

Do not park in front of the neighbors.  


Besides our August Parent Conferences, it is our striving to be available for parent conferences as the need arises.  Please do not hesitate to contact Sage or Johannah for an appointment.


Children flourish when offered routine and rhythm especially sleeping and eating. Please consider that this is the time in his/her life when habits are formed.  Perhaps slowing down, doing fewer activities, spending more time in nature would serve their habit bodies well into the future.   

Also realize that the activities at Sage Programs are very full and it would be so helpful if the children could have time to digest what happened during their full day by being in nature, playing with a friend, going home for rest and quiet rather than going to another packed in program.


Please be sure that your child has a seasonal change of clothes here at all times.(2 gal. zip lock bag with name)  We are outside in every kind of weather including, rain, cold, snow, wind. Please send your child with shoes that are easy to put on and off. They must also be appropriate for outdoor play, and walks. 

We do not do slippers, but if your child prefers to wear slippers indoors they may bring them.


We do whatever Boulder Valley School District decides.  You can check their website if you have questions as to whether or not we are in sessions.

Sometimes there is a freak snow in North Boulder and BVSD is open.  If that is the case we will call and email you.


We provide snack.  Please send your child with a lunch.


We celebrate every  child’s birthday even the summer ones.

You will be notified once we set the celebration date.  Staff will contact you about bringing something in for a treat including information about allergies and dietary restrictions.   


We have a NEW LOST AND FOUND SET UP.   At the entrance, by the big gate, as you enter the backyard is a wooden chest.  We’re going to try putting belongs in the chest; we’ll see how it works.  


There is a lot of detailed information on the Program website regarding this topic. 

  • Monthly parent meetings
  • Subbing or assisting: crafting, medicine making
  •   Festivals –  
    • Choir  
    • High teachings
    • Performances –  
    • Costumes, acting
  • Sage Families email group
  • Scholarship fundraising 
  • Manifesting things we need – ask us!
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