The Power of Healing ~ Sacred Theater


Each year we offer two and sometimes three major performances. They are an integral part of the heart of my work and I hold them to be Sacred.


High Teaching Stories
I am drawn to great myths and legends that offer a full spectrum of archetypes for us to know ourselves better ~the dark and light and everything in between.

Esoteric Research ~
This is my work. And, I love it.
It is also the work of many of my staff and parents in the program.
It is a process to decide on the right story for the time of year
and the children with whom I am working. Once the story is selected, I delve into
the esoterics of the material: the ‘grist’ for we adults to chew on and food for
the children’s souls. Even though I never speak of these esoterics directly to the
children, I know my inner work touches them profoundly. And these deeper currents carry the work thru to the fruition of performance.

It is all about time:

Time for the story to unfold organically so the children can digest the material:
take it into their dream lives and
express it:

in circle time through song, recitation and movement,
thru art: drawing, painting, crafting.

Time to really get to know the characters and talk about them as the story unfolds
day by day during story and review.

Time to live into what role they are interested in performing after having
had the opportunity to ‘try on’ a few.

Rudolf Steiner said that one of the times all 12 senses are engaged is during performance. With all 12 senses engaged, no wonder performance has the power to offer healing! As a teacher I have worked with children for over 25 years. I have cultivated a deep and profound respect for the healing power of sacred theater.

Here are some of the things I have witnessed:

~ A wide range of challenging social behavior just works itself out.
~ The children bond as a community.
~ The children cultivate the ability to honor one another’s uniqueness
and be inclusive.

All who work with the story material – children and adults – know themselves better because of the opportunities to touch powerful archetypes (Know Thyself).

By the end it feels like a cloak of harmony and peace embraces us all ~ adults
and children ~ for we have been a community that worked together
creatively to accomplish something together.

This gift ~ the gift of Sacred Theater ~ truly is an opportunity for growth and healing for all who are consciously part of our community.