Praise for Sage Programs

“Time and time again throughout the year, I find myself feeling so grateful that my son is at Sage’s KinderHeart Program. Here are some of the things I appreciate:

  • Stepping onto the magical land and feeling how excited my son is to explore and climb and jump and build and observe the natural world.
  • Hearing my son recall the stories that Sage tells the children and seeing how deeply the stories speak to his soul.
  • Appreciating how tended to my son seems to be when he arrives home after a full days program.
  • Experiencing a sense of wholeness and completion of the blocks curriculum after each of the major festivals.
  • Being met by Sage at the end of the day and hearing her recall an event or noticing of my son.   I feel she really sees  him.
  • Longing to dive deeper on my own spiritual path after an adult High Teaching

I feel so satisfied with this program and community for my son and for us as a family.”

– Liz Criso (2014)

“Being with Sage and Johannah this year has been the most immense blessing for our family. Sage has a beautiful way of guiding the children with such love and clarity. She sees them as they are and meets them where they need to be met. Each member of our family has been touched by this program although only one of us attends. The content that Sage encompasses in her program is so much more than curriculum. It is wise and soulful teaching and one cannot help but grow in its presence.  We do not have family that live near us. To have such a wise and eloquent woman influencing our child is a gift that we are so grateful for! What a joy this program is!”

– Jennifer Towle (2015)

“Sage Hamilton’s program is a deeply nourishing and inspiring experience for my son and our entire family.  Sage is a true teacher of wisdom and cultivates deep understanding and curiosity in children in a unique and impressive way.  I feel so grateful our son’s education is beginning with such nurturing of his whole being, a deepening of his connection to the natural world, honing his artistic inspirations, and introducing him to teachings from wisdom traditions through plays, performances, dance, and music.  Sage conveys deep respect for each child’s capacity to learn and each one’s individual journey.  Every child deserves such a heartfelt, supportive, and enriching educational experience.”

– Ellen Boeder (2015)

“Stepping onto Sage’s land you feel as though you have entered an enchanted wonderland!  Every inch of her school is infused with beauty, meaning and magic and both children and parents feel the healing power immediately.  Sage herself and all her staff approach early childhood learning with a rare skill, warmth, wisdom and reverence which borders on the miraculous!  I truly could not be more happy or grateful to have our daughter in such a supportive, growthful, enlivening, soulful learning community.”

– Danya R (2015)

“Being a part of this magical Kinderheart program of Sage’s has been not only a gift for my son, but for me as a parent.  I have been so grateful for Sage’s wise guidance and support as I navigate being a conscious and loving mother.  I am so inspired and excited to watch my son embody and embrace who he is through this program.”

– Sarah Humphrey (2015)

“We have seen tremendous growth in our son through this program. LionHeart has been a wonderful place for growth in a safe, fun, and creative environment. Sage and Johannah have been very receptive to the desires of our family, and to the entire group, resulting in an excellent parent-teacher relationship. We love LionHeart and the joy that lights up our son’s eyes when he talks about what he did each day. LionHeart is providing him the respect, personal attention, and challenges he needs to develop in the best way for his unique character. It’s his homeschool away from home.”

– Joshua and Alison Nacht (2015)

“Sage Hamilton’s program has been such a magical experience for my 9 year old daughter. After spending time in the public school system I realized that the magic of life was slowly, or maybe not so slowly, being removed from her life.  I feel in this program she has been allowed to return to her authentic self. She has returned to story telling which was such an important play time of hers before she entered school. In the program she has been afforded the time to slow down and enjoy being a kid and learn what is important to her. Sage has given my daughter the opportunity to find her voice. I feel so very fortunate that we found this program and I know that it has changed her in such a positive way.”

– Zoe O’Brien  (2014)

I have had my daughter at Sage Hamilton’s program for the 2012-13 and 2013-14 school years. The primary reason I chose this program was the emphasis on psychosocial development—where my daughter’s social skills would be supported in an attentive community atmosphere. I believe that emotional intelligence a key to lifelong success and happiness, and this aspect has been well-addressed by a loving staff that has clear boundaries and high expectations for respectful behavior, creative/cooperative group play and collaborative performance craft. I have received education and support regarding parenting my spirited child, which has been extremely helpful. I feel that her experience at Sage’s program has well-prepared my daughter to enjoy and excel in public school after our first years of homeschooling. (Not sure where our educational journey leads.)

The environment at Sage’s stimulates the imagination and provides a love for the natural world. Beautiful grounds to play in, gardening, and other crafts contribute to as appreciation for the wonders of the natural world. My child’s inherent sense of connection to “spirit” has been fostered, in a way that cultivates her intuition and curiosity—allowing her to discover what she believes in and how she can connect with others with kindness and respect.

One of the great gifts of Sage’s program is the community of like-minded families who are drawn to the program. I feel a kinship with the parents, as we have formed a supportive network and lifelong friends. There have been so many gifts that the program has offered to us as a family—so grateful in every way for the wisdom and inspired teaching that Sage’s programs offers.

– Gretchen Spiro, Somatic Psychotherapist & Movement Educator (2014)