Know Thyself ~ High Teachings

Sage Hamiolton, Boulder COWhat are these ‘High Teachings’ you offer?

High Teachings evolved when people started asking about the deeper meanings in the stories I work with – hidden wisdom that is there for each of us as we try to sort through how to live purposefully and express our deepest gifts here on planet Earth.

These archetypal characters have never lived upon the earth but are living every day within each of us. If we take the time to look within we can find: the magician, the high priestess, the wicked witch, the orphan, the frightened mouse, the part of ourselves that has firm resolve but is always seduced along the riverside into a deep forgetful sleep, etc.

Over the years I have offered high teachings using story, myth, and legend as an opportunity for adults to know themselves better. For this is what the archetype represents: humans in their vast range of expressive possibilities from most noble to evil incarnate.

As we cultivate self-awareness we can begin to make mindful choices navigating the stream of our lives within the ocean of possibilities so that we may live more wakeful lives closer to purpose and the offering of our deepest gifts. Here are some thoughts about these High Teachings from a beautiful young woman who has participated in many of my offerings:

“In all the years I have known and loved Sage, she has possessed an unwavering confidence in the radiant goodness in herself and others. She is a mirror, reflecting back the beauty in yourself that you may not quite believe is real. Just when you feel disheartened and defeated, she challenges you to see the gold within the obscuring ore — to go deeper into the dark mystery of the forest and to emerge, grubby yet shining, with your holy grail. Her willingness to dare, to risk, to be seen and to see combined with her compassion and acceptance creates some kind of magic where transformation can actually arise. Somehow, your innate wisdom catches the fire of her faith and you go tumbling together into the truth and warmth of your very own being. Again and again, she has revealed this to me and others and continually encourages the revelation of our own lights to shine in relationship, in our families, in community, and in the world.”

~Heather (Hap) Pylant


Parents and Community

20-minute Video of High Teaching from “The Adventures of Eustace”