Know Thyself ~ Adults

LauraWeaver-webIn my work with adults I look for the ‘spark,’ the ‘ah ha’ moment when someone brightens and feels enlivened by what was kindled in the moment from a High Teaching or a sharing in our women’s group and I often ask them to reflect that ‘spark’ creatively.

The opportunity to express yourself creatively before a group of people, to receive reflection, to see your soul before you expressing itself ~ that’s doing something!   Often I feel people get caught up in the ego-desire to publish their writings, sell their art, put it all in a book……….and they miss the wonder and magic their soul is revealing to them about who they are.   Whether it’s ‘good’ or marketable pales by comparison to knowing yourself.

Roxanna, a young woman who has participated in several women’s groups had this to say about my work:

 “I was drawn to Sage because I had a friend who was in her women’s group and I heard about all the amazing and cool things they were doing.  They danced the 5 rhythms at each meeting, they did presentations where they came in character, sang out loud, challenged each other to be whatever they were afraid of being, etc.  I wanted in!  I loved being in a women’s group at Sage’s.  Sage often speaks of the benefits of women coming together, being in community with each other, sharing creative time and space.  Sage holds the space in her lovely home for all of us to come together and dance, sing, laugh, cry, scream, or sit in stillness.  In all my years participating in women’s groups, Sage’s have been the most constructive when dealing with conflict.  Sage doesn’t shy away from conflict (usually) and deals with it swiftly if she sees it arise.  Her example gives the group participants a wonderful blueprint to follow.  Each group is different and has a new focus each time.  Sage takes time in the beginning of each group to feel into “what is living” with each of us and from that discussion, a focus is usually apparent.  Sage seems passionate about serving each woman’s “highest unfolding” and sets the stage for all of us to do that for each other.”

 ~Roxanna Smith 


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