Know Thyself

What would you say is the broadest vision for your work?

At this point in my biography it is the same with all ages from young children and adolescents to adults which is to serve the highest unfolding through the cultivation of self-awareness.

I have heard you use the words Know Thyself. What does this mean?

These two words are at the core of my work. No matter what I do, I am always looking for opportunities for people to know themselves better. For, when you think about it, before anyone can help another, they must first know themselves, otherwise their behavior is subject to personal ‘triggers’, projections, and inappropriate reactions rather than appropriate responses. One cannot be free, initiate from a place of freedom, choose freely, serve freely, until they know themselves, their strengths and weaknesses. Then and only then can one hear the soul’s call to action and take up their work in the world giving their deepest gifts.

How do you help children or adults know themselves?

Creative expression and community reflection are the best. See Letters to Parents for examples of how this works in our program.


Parents and Community

20-minute Video of High Teaching from “The Adventures of Eustace”