Curriculum Process ~ How I work with Fairy Tales

The selection of story material for the children is a journey. Taking into consideration the current social dynamics of the children as well as individual children who might need a ‘pedagogical boost’ to address challenging behavior I set out in search for the ‘perfect story’ to meet the children.

Here is an excerpt from a second semester newsletter I sent out to the KinderHeart parents:

“Our first tale back was Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (The Grimm version).
The telling alone gave me shivers to feel into their responses to the story — so deep and profound — wonder and awe sweeping over their open mouthed faces as the story unfolded.  At the end, one girl said: ‘The story was so terrible and amazing.’  The next time we met we set the stage with our story puppets to retell the story ( It’s always so revealing of their inner life to note who wants to be which puppet character), the children told what they remembered and I filled in around their re-telling of the tale. Again the reverence, wonder and awe were tangible.”

I always work with the esoterics of each of what I call the ‘High Teaching Stories’ that I bring to children and, certainly, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs fits this category. This inner work helps me connect with the deep soulful longing that each child has for the story; this I hold in my heart as I tell the tale and, I believe, it translates in the telling in a way that truly touches the children’s souls.

Sharing these esoterics with the parents is always a delight. I am able to speak fully and freely about the deeper meaning of the story and why it is so important for the children’s soul development and meeting the challenges of today’s world. As well, I help the families realize that the story’s deeper meanings provide each of us with opportunities to look at ourselves and know ourselves better,  i.e. Is there a witch inside who is trying to sabotage/poison the part of you that is trying to give its deepest gift? Is there a magician in you that has stolen your ‘sun’? Is your desire-body/monkey running you or is it in service to you and your highest unfolding? Every part of a great High Teaching story affords us endless opportunities for self-reflection and knowledge. It makes for great dialog in our monthly meetings.

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