Being born into a family of artists, my immersion into dance, theater, and art began at a very young age. I left home at 16 to attend North Carolina School of the Arts for Visual Art but was disheartened by the competitive environment of art school and swore to never do art again.

After a two year stint at Fashion School, I found myself with a backpack and work visa for New Zealand. It was in the magical air of New Zealand that something deep inside awakened a newfound awareness of the abundant beauty and diversity of life ~ it called me to give back to the world and reawakened the artist within. After traveling through much of the impoverished world, my heart broke over and over again as I witnessed injustice and the perpetuation of oppression through inadequate and egocentric models of education. It was the culmination of my Peace Studies and travels that lead me to Waldorf education to cultivate, what I believe to be, the most holistic foundation for teaching at this time.

I have chosen the path of a teacher and artist to do my part in weaving the beauty, diversity, truth, and goodness of Spirit in life.


Girls Group – Rites of Passage