Jenn CainJennifer Cain

Jennifer, a lover of nature and the beauty of life, holds a self-designed BA in the Integration of Humanism and Ecology. She has been committed to supporting individuals through all of life’s phases for the past 20 years and has served people of all ages from infancy to elderhood as a youth mentor, counselor, wilderness guide, and elder advocate.  She worked for the University of Denver as a youth instructor, designed and implemented programs at The Denver Botanic Gardens, and taught as a high school teacher and mentor in Denver Public Schools.  Through her work as a counselor in rites of passage and addiction recovery organizations, Jennifer recognizes the innate gifts of the individuals she works with and utilizes her 500-hour Yoga Teacher Certification in order to support holistic health and wellness in all phases and challenges of life.  Her studies at Boulder Outdoor Survival School and as an intern at Wilderness Awareness School coupled with her background as an educator of self-awareness lead Jennifer to pursue and complete a M.Ed in Yogic and Educational Praxis through Prescott College.  She co-taught at Discoveries, a Waldorf-Reggio-Amelia inspired preschool-kindergarten in Port Townsend, WA and served as a Waldorf Educator for Mountain Phoenix Community School for four years in Colorado.  As a social and environmental educator,  Jennifer’s recent endeavors to integrate the Soma Source Map of Melissa Michaels with her past training and experience as an educator have resulted in the forming of Circle of Life and the founding of CommUnity Soul Life, an organization committed to growing the reciprocal relationship between the vitality of community and the actualized dreams of individuals.  Jennifer is a native of Colorado, the mother of a beautiful ten-year old daughter, and can be found along cool bodies of water in summer, warm ones in winter, and enjoying the simplicity of her garden and sitting around a fire year round.