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During the program year I often write letters to the parents sharing with them my philosophy and pedagogical teachings. Below are letters I have sent out over the last few years.

Know Thyself Through Stillness

Dear Parents,

One of the strivings in our program is to serve each individual knowing themselves better whether it be socially, collaboratively, in co-creation, mentorship, apprenticeship, creative expression, or the esoteric high teachings we share from time to time. 

From as far back as the ancient Greeks we are reminded that over the archway into Apollo’s temple were the words ‘Know Thyself’ which the Greeks acknowledged as one of the highest goals and strivings in one’s life. 

Today I would like to speak about STILLNESS and how it can serve this end. Continue reading


Hello Everyone,

I’m moved to share what feels to me to be a remarkable moment with your children. Most of you know that the Moon Lodge has been an ongoing project and that this past spring we managed to get a cover for the dome. This space has been dedicated to serve our older girls in many different ways including Rites of Passage.

Sunday I discovered that someone had cut a patch out of the cover and, this past week, I lived with the question of how to speak with the children and the girls about what happened––what would serve them pedagogically. Continue reading

The Darker Side

Many have asked me about working with ‘shadow’ in performances.  Although I do not work specifically with shadow it is always there in any great high teaching story, myth, legend where the spectrum of the challenges of being human are represented in magnificent and powerful archetypes. Here is my response to questions about the shadow archetype in a Letter to Parents. At the time we were working with the profound and beautiful story of Gautama Buddha.

Hello Everyone,

During my Waldorf Teacher Training, I came upon a quote by Rudolf Steiner: “Performing (in plays) is the only time all 12 of the senses are engaged.” What an opportunity for powerful high teachings, I thought. And it has proved to be true. Continue reading

Is Santa Real?


To the dismay of some parents of the younger ones in our Program, it recently came to my attention that a few children have been speaking about how Santa Claus may not be real. Continue reading