Sage Hamilton Homeschool ProgramBy definition I would say: I am a teacher/mentor, mother, and wife for those are the strongest roles I play in my life. I have loved teaching for over 40 years working with small and large groups ranging in age from 5 to 60.

I am fascinated with community dynamics and enjoy working with groups to facilitate opportunities to co-create and celebrate. It is my striving in facilitating creative expression that each individual may have the opportunity to know him/herself better thus cultivating skillful means at conflict resolution and right relationship with others.

Certification and Experience
~ Public School Certified ~ K – 12 and Special Education
Ten Years Public School Teaching:  English, Art, Special Education

~ Waldorf Certified ~ Graduated class of 8 years from Shining Mountain Waldorf School as Class Teacher 1987 – 1995

~ Independent Educational  Programs ~ 15 years including these last 10 years serving Homeschool Families

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On High Teaching Stories (15:35)

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